How To Transfer Files From Your Computer To Your Kindle Paperwhite? Get The Entire Procedure

Do you filed on the computer which you want on Kindle Paperwhite? Do you need to make files transferred? How to Transfer Files from Your Computer to Your Kindle Paperwhite?
You might be wondering that via email of sending document is the easy way out for this need, but the fact is that transferring books through drag and drop method can be tiring process in case if you have various files to make transfer for.
Look at the Prerequisites before transfer: Those who have Windows or Macintosh can download as well as transfer the Kindle content as well as other info from computer to the Kindle via USB connection. If you are using USB cable for transferring the files then your computer should have the following:
1.     Computer with Windows version 2000 or later
2.     Computer with Macintosh having versions from Mac OS X 10.2 or later
For connecting Kindle Paperwhite to the computer:
First of all plug the larger end of your USB cable in USB port of your computer and connect the other end to small USB port which is there at the bottom of the Kindle Paperwhite
While connecting with the PC, Kindle Paperwhite gets into USB drive and the battery is recharged with the computer. You will find that wireless service get off on the temporary basis. Kindle is not in use while reading the device in the USB drive mode and return to reading location while you eject the device from computer
While Kindle Paperwhite is connected, you need to drag and drop the file from the computer which is there on the hard drive to Kindle Paperwhite
For transferring e-books, you need to be assured for placing the file in the Documents folder on Kindle Paperwhite. In case of putting the file in root drive, it fails to appear on the Home Screen.

Process for file transfer:  In case, Kindle is compatible format, then transferring the filed from computer to Paperwhite through USB needs the following procedure:
1.     Connect your Kindle Paperwhite to USB cable.
2.     Your PC will recognize the Kindle Paperwhite when it is plugged in and will display it as a removable drive. While, you go to my Computer (PC) or Finder (Mac), you will notice that Kindle Paperwhite will appear as drive.
3.     Then, double-click the drive in order to view the folders on Kindle Paperwhite.
4.     Then open another window and navigate the files which you want to transfer
5.     Drag the files to apt folder on Kindle Paperwhite.
6.     Place documents files and text in the Documents folder
7.     Use Copy and Paste commands for moving the documents to Document folder
8.     Eject your Kindle Paperwhite from computer:

If some issues are there and you cannot solve the trouble such as How to Transfer Files From Your Computer to Your Kindle Paperwhite then get connected with Kindle support and find the answer aptly