Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Easy And Simultaneous Resolutions When Kindle Not Working Like Scenario Crops Up

The kindle has stopped working all of sudden and you don’t know what to do. If this is the first time your Kindle have encounter this issue then here is the simultaneous resolutions when Kindle not working like scenario crops up.

Charge Kindle – Check if Kindle is charge properly. The device consumes more battery when online content is downloaded. If the device does not find battery at threshold level then it will stop working and situation like this comes up. The best resolution for this is put Kindle on charger and wait till it gets charged up completely. It may take couple of hours in process.

Soft Reset The Device –Even after being charged fully, if Kindle did not resume its working position or it does not respond commands then try soft reset of it. To do soft reset, remove Kindle from charger check its side. There is a power button present at the sides. Press that button for 20 seconds. Kindle screen will go blank. Leave the button and wait for some time till screen re-appears. Check if Kindle has resume working.

Hard Reset The Device – So, now if both charging up of device and soft reset does not work for Kindle then try another measure. This is last things you can do with Kindle as a self-manual resolution. Let the get charged fully. Now, remove it from charger and turn it back. There is a button present at the back of device. Press it hard so that, Kindle gets turned off. Wait for few minutes and device will resume the life.

If the device still not resumes its working then factory reset can be done. But, do not do it without consulting the team of Kindle. Factory reset will remove entire contents present in Kindle device.
The above mention simultaneous resolutions when kindle not working like scenario crops up will fix issues like
Unable to download content in Kindle, the device is not responding to instruction given, Kindle scree frozen, text are not coming in proper way etc.

Nevertheless, if problem in Kindle still persist then it is recommended to consult Kindle support team. If the device is new then there could be manufacturing defect too. Thus call to Kindle customer service team helpline number and take quick and easy assistance from them.


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