Friday, 24 March 2017

How Do I Transfer Books From My Old Kindle To My New One Easily?

The interest in eBook is increasing day by day. There are so many people across the globe to have deep enthusiasm for E-books. The preference for e-books is preferably in the situation when people wanted to take away the reading material wherever they go. Kindle is the provider of ease when it is watch audio and read e-books. Have you ever come across a situation where you wanted to know how do I transfer books from my old Kindle to my new one. If you want to do this then you are required for connecting with the Kindle support desk and seek the apt ways surely.

How do I transfer books from my old Kindle to my new one? Problem simplified: Transfer of eBooks from an old Kindle to my new one is no more a dream now! The solution is easy to acquire from Kindle experts as they recommend the ways for transferring the e-books wherever you want with high expertise.

Transfer of the purchased eBooks:

The purchased e-books are saved on the Amazon’s cloud account. You only need to deregister Amazon account on old Kindle and register the new one. Open the account and see all the purchased e-books available under bookshelf.

Transfer of the downloaded but not purchased e-books: 

1. First of all connect old Kindle to your PC’s USB. Then find the new hard drive available in ‘My Computer’ Open the drive and search for the files that you want to transfer. Then copy to the computer
2. Connect new Kindle to the computer. You will find a removable disk in ‘My Computer’. Drag the Kindle books from computer into the drive.

Transfer of the eBooks between two Kindle devices registered with the same account: 

Before you make a transfer between e-books, ensure for transferring with those who are close to you like your family or friend.  If you discover that Kindle is not running aptly then connect with the Kindle support team and seek the solutions soon. You will be able to collect superior and cost-effective resolutions at the affordable cost. Thus call them or send an email and get best results ahead

Kindle provide with the facility for registering the same account on so many devices. You might have Kindle Touch and now you have purchased Kindle Paper-white or someone close to you have purchased Kindle Paper-white and you need to share the e-books then register them with same account. Contact with the Kindle customer service and find out the solution for the query soon. You will be able to catch best results for sure.


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